A global Staff Union that leads the process of transforming the ILO into a better workplace, by representing all staff as an equal and strong partner in social dialogue.


We promote social justice and equality for all staff in order to have ONE ILO by:


Improve industrial relations: Ensure effective implementation of the 2000 Recognition and Procedural Agreement. Improve the existing institutional framework to promote healthy and effective negotiations, and in transparency.

Job Security: End precarious work,  a fair contracts policy, including a redeployment mechanism.

Fair and equal conditions of employment for all staff without discrimination based on gender, type of contracts, grades, personal and/or family status and duty station.

A career development path for all: a fair and transparent performance appraisal system; a negotiated  and adequate job classification process, a fair recruitment and mobility system, and a transparent  rewarding mechanism.

An even Stronger union:  maintaining and expanding our membership, strengthening solidarity, strengthening capacities, improving operations, communication and coherence.

Enhancing staff security, safety and health with particular focus on crisis response and conflict affected countries.