Other Bodies

Representatives of the participants of the Fund to the ILO Staff Pension Committee (UNJSPF)

Mandate 1 January 2022 through 31 December 2024

Titular Members

Florian Léger, Elisabeth Fombuena, Pascal Noiret

ILO Staff Health Insurance Fund, Management Committee

Mandate 2024-2026

Titular Members

Catherine Comte-Tiberghien, Pierre De Lame, Yvan Poulin

Substitute Members

Clara Van Panhuys, Mireille Ecuvillon, Gwendolyn Fabros

Staff Union Assistance Fund (SUAF)

Composition of the Commission :

Nathalie Devaud-Dalibard, Esther Gomez, Céline Moiret, Janette Murawski, Daniel Rojas