International relations & representations

Coordinator: Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
Members: Manuel Céspedes Ocampo, Carlos Carrión-Crespo,  Yvan Poulin

In collaboration with


To strengthen alliances with key players involved in the improvement of working and employment conditions in the international civil service (international staff union federations, CCISUA, civil society, etc.) and to work in the long-term for the introduction of collective bargaining to the United Nations.

Means of action:

  • Strengthening ties with major international unions and those with whom the Staff Union is affiliated in order to benefit from their logistics and influence, and create a better framework for labour relations in the context of UN reform.
  • Working towards the sharing of knowledge, resources and activities in advocacy campaigns led by the staff federations of the International Civil Service to address the potential threat of contractual reform throughout the whole of the UN common system.
  • Continuing activities with already existing FUNSAs. Encouraging ILO staff representatives to participate in or create local FUNSAs in the field in order to better respond to the interests and needs of international organization staff locally.
  • Strengthening ties with various inter-agency groups (such as UN-Globe, UN + or the UN Feminist Network) in order to improve the working and employment conditions of certain categories of workers in the United Nations who may be subject to discrimination (based on race, ethnicity, social origin, national extraction, nationality, sex, family status, family responsibilities, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, political opinions, religion, disability, HIV status or trade union membership).

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