Social Security (pensions, SHIF)


Guillaume Filhon


Thierry Kouame

Coordinators: Guillaume Filhon

Members: Thierry Kouame

Technical Advisers:  François Kientzler, Cherry Thompson-Senior (Former Officials)

Objectives and means of action :

Objective: To ensure effective, efficient and sustainable health care and pension funds.

Means of action 

  • Ensuring the application of the Regulations and Administrative Rules of the Staff Health Insurance Fund, particularly with regard to the information provided to insured staff, timely publication of annual reports, etc. 
  • Participate in the discussions on how to avoid unnecessary administrative expenses.
  • Remind each member of the need to be well informed about the management of the funds entrusted by him/her to the health and pension protection bodies. The latest exchanges concerning the management of the retirement savings of ILO staff at the UN Staff Pension Fund are a step in this direction.
  • Continuing discussions with the ILO Administration to consolidate services and benefits for insured staff working in the field, in remote duty stations and technical cooperation projects. The latest discussions with SHIF on the development of services and funding are a step in this direction.
  • Increasing awareness and engagement of staff with regard to health care and pension issues in order to strengthen the position of staff representatives on joint bodies. This objective will be attained through regular, close communication between the Staff Union (including the Former Officials’ Section) and the insured staff representatives of the SHIF Management Committee and the representatives on the Joint Staff Pension Board. In this respect, the legitimacy of the questions asked by the staff representatives must be underlined.
  • Write regular explanatory texts for the Union’s blog, promoting and organizing information sessions, General Assemblies and referendums in order to ensure that any proposed changes to the structure, programme, benefits or premiums are explained clearly and fully to insured staff and other participants so that no decisions are taken without extensive consultation.

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