ILO on strike

Following the Governing Body’s decision on the Geneva post adjustment, the staff of the ILO voted to strike on 23 March 2018 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Below, you will find the following information:

 –          The reasons for the strike action.

–          An information note on the consequences for staff who strike.


  • A list of essential services has been distributed to the picket line leaders – wearing red armbands.
  • Set up an automatic email response indicating that you are on strike and that you will not be able to answer your emails until the end of the strike.
  • People will be allowed to park in the car park to rejoin the picket line.
  • The only people allowed to speak to the press are those wearing orange armbands – Officers of the Committee.
  • The cafeteria will be open.

 As with all our actions to date, it is important to stay disciplined and to comply with the Code of Conduct for International Civil Servants.