Directors: No-call for an expression of interest (internal/external)

If you see a new call for expressions of interest for a director’s position published on the recruitment platform, ILO Jobs … what do you consider?

In the current context, this might seem like a good sign, finally showing the Administration’s interest in promoting in-house skills, offering career advancement opportunities and allowing colleagues to come forward through processes that are clear to all.

However, think carefully before investing your valuable time in applying. Notwithstanding your skills, motivation and performance evaluations, there is a real risk that the DG will recruit someone from outside or play musical chairs without allowing for career advancement.

The Staff Union is concerned and alarmed by these apparent new recruitment and training strategies. Several management and leadership training courses have been given to many colleagues who … seem to remain on the side-lines when they apply for managerial positions.

So what’s the point in training, applying and hoping? Having painstakingly overhauled its internal processes under the aegis of McKinsey, will the ILO now enter into a partnership with psychiatrists to treat depression?