Say NO to the increase in SHIF contribution rates!

You just received a set of draft amendments to the SHIF Rules which conceals a raise in contribution rates.

Given that:

  • this document was released without any explanation;
  • this document was released, as usual, just before the closure of the Office in order to weaken the ability of staff to react to this fait accompli;
  • the reimbursement delays continue to be catastrophic for our colleagues in the field thereby putting the financial burden of medical expenses on the insured, despite the fact that they pay their contributions regularly every month and have the right to receive a service which is equivalent to their contributions;
  • no tangible measure has been communicated by the Administration (notably by the Director-General to whom the working group on the SHIF submitted a report) for improvements in the functioning of the SHIF.

The Staff Union urges you to sign a petition which will be sent shortly in order to ask for a referendum of the insured on the proposed changes, as provided in these Rules.