Alert – New attack on salaries in Bangkok!

Dear colleagues,

We have been informed of the results of the 2016 local salary survey for General Service staff in Bangkok, which is due to be implemented imminently.

The UN’s Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) intends to introduce a third, lower salary scale for General Service staff joining after the implementation date. Thus General Service staff in Bangkok will find themselves on three separate salary scales for performing identical work of identical quality.

This scale will be 13.2 per cent below the secondary scale, which applies to staff who joined between 2011 and today, which in turn is 22 per cent below the primary scale which applies to staff who joined before 2011. The total gap between the new proposed scale and the primary scale is 35.2 per cent. Our new colleagues will be earning a third less!

The Staff Union, Staff Associations and Staff Representatives based in Bangkok will initiate an “EQUAL PAY” Campaign which starts tomorrow, 2 February 2018, at the UN Compound.

As our field colleagues showed solidarity during the Geneva “No Pay Cut” campaign, it’s now time to show our massive solidarity as the risk is almost FIVE times as high for the staff in Bangkok (FIVE x 7.5 per cent!).

We strongly encourage you to:
• Wear a black outfit tomorrow
• Take pictures

We will send them to our colleagues in Bangkok and publish them on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

Join us and support our colleagues in Bangkok, in order to send a strong signal to the OHRM:

We will fight for fundamental principles and rights at work, and Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value!!!