Global Meeting

Dear colleagues, 

 The 20th of September 1920 is the official date for the establishment of the ILO Staff Union. The Staff Union Committee is therefore holding its fourth global meeting the week of 21-25 September 2020. 

 Every five years, the ILO Staff Union brings together staff representatives from all ILO offices – regional and headquarters – to discuss issues of common concern related to the many policies, procedures and practices that give effect to our conditions of work. It is also a time to take stock of trade union activities, to strengthen visions and missions and to collectively define the objectives and means of future five-year actions. 

 This fourth meeting also coincides this year with the Centenary of the ILO Staff Union

 Of course, this year is special because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ILO Staff Union has had to completely rethink the way this global meeting will take place. It will therefore be entirely virtual and will focus mainly on the future five-year objectives of the ILO Staff Union, with broad consultation across the four regions, and on training sessions for elected staff representatives in the field.  

 The Staff Union will communicate via its website on the progress of this meeting and therefore invites you to visit its website throughout this week. 

 On the 24th of September, the Staff Union will celebrate its anniversary with all the staff. Please reserve the date.